"Bakom Molnen" - LP

159 SEK
Catalogue nr: GAP027

Vinyl edition of the "Bakom molnen" album released by Novoton spring 2012. Made available on vinyl by Gaphals. The record comes in a gatefold cover with glossy laminated details and the rest of the cover in matt lamination. The record itself is in either white vinyl or black vinyl. The album contains eleven tracks, nine from the "Bakom Molnen" record and two bonus tracks that has been B-sides on digital singles but never previously been available on vinyl or cd.                              
Du kan få allt
Bakom molnen
Vakna till liv
Ner ner ner
Det är dig jag vill ha
Jag har gjort fel
Det kommer aldrig att gå
Bonus tracks:
Vakna till liv (unplugged version)
Lyssna, rock'n'rollen är död (unplugged version)